Drawing for you the contours of a story through unique and authentic handmade creations.


An ethical and responsible approach.

Lou de pray is first and foremost an artist and craftswoman who designs with passion and meticulousness lamps with coloured, illustrated and embroidered lampshades. These unique, handmade design lamps are entirely handmade in France.


A unique concept

"Revealing the intimate through light. Hiding it by day, revealing it by night."

Some pieces play with modesty.

Lou de Pray stands out by playing with your eyes in the evening... On the Thaïs and Titia table lamps, parts of the embroidered illustration are hidden.

Wait patiently for nightfall. Press the switch. The magic happens: details of the scene, almost invisible during the day, are revealed to the surprised eye, without any restraint.

The Titia lamp in limited edition!

Titia is limited to 30 pieces, numbered and signed.

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édition limitée

Collection n°1 - Les Instants de Poppée (In the Company of Poppaea)

A story delicately embroidered in various shades of fabric and thread: such are the peaceful moments experienced by Poppea.

From the petrol blue, sunshine yellow, ivory or brick lampshade, the embroidered frescoes are discovered through discrete lines, where each illustration is the setting for intimate scenes, between ancient baths and complicit nature.

À chaque lampe son coffret !

Lou de Pray soigne son expédition :

Toutes vos lampes sont expédiées dans un coffret sur mesure, réalisé en bois issu d’une gestion forestière durable. Ainsi, votre lampe sera soigneusement protégée durant son voyage.

The Télia lamp, a unique piece in exceptional walnut, is limited to 5 pieces

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The lampshade and its illustrated embroidery in bright orange, purple, linen and black, a long dance between thread and needle, in which volume is just an illusion.

This walnut tree has taken its time, it has gone through history, which makes it a particularly rare and exceptional wood. It has now found a second life in this unique piece.

The lampshade has an oval shape and is dressed with coloured braids. The diameter is 25 cm and the total height of the lamp is 45 cm.

How are Lou de Pray lamps made?

Lou de Pray table lamps are made and assembled entirely by hand, with a constant concern for ecological and human responsibility.

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Custom Made

Colour, fabric, shade, wood type, your lamp can be made to measure. Give free rein to your desires and match your model to your interior, for a unique decoration.

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