French craftsmanship

The hands behind Lou de Pray

I am Audrey, artisan designer, illustrator and creator of the Lou de Pray brand.


Lou de Pray, kesako ?

Lou de Pray creates limited series of high quality lamps, entirely handmade in France. Lou de Pray represents a desire to return to a handmade craftsmanship, to the softness and quality of carefully chosen materials. The brand stands for taking the time to create, assemble, and unveil, to sublime and breathe love into each creation. Lou de Pray is a dose of beauty and authenticity, a moment of peace in a world that moves at the speed of light.


A conscious French brand

Above all, Lou de Pray is concerned with returning to the fundamentals of craftsmanship : conscious, responsible, and ethical. To begin with, each lamp is designed in my atelier in Bordeaux. All my materials are as locally sourced as possible: the wood, mainly a result of upcycling, comes from the Ardèche region of France, and is turned by a local and talented cabinet-maker. In parallel, I get the lampshade frames from a French company. When the bases have been turned, I use a codelivery service to transport them, in order to limit the carbon footprint. The trimmings come from a specialized French company, and the textiles, threads, and knit-cabling come from neighbouring countries: Belgium, Germany, and Italy. Finally, each lamp is put together by hand in the Lou de Pray atelier. Thus, the circle is complete.

Conscious, responsible and ethical.


Limited collections

Handmade craftsmanship is at the heart of Lou de Pray, which is why every collection is a limited series. Industrially-made is an antonym to the arts and crafts. Each creation takes time and will have its own distinct personality, something special that no other piece will have. The nobility, rarity, and history of the chosen materials require a conscious and customized creative process. A limited series means that each lamp has a soul and a story that will shed a unique and singular light upon your interior.