Les pieds en bois français

French wood


Exceptional Woods

Most of the wood comes from upcycled sources : Using old furniture, forgotten stock, and other scraps allowed me to use these small quantities in my first collection. Each piece of wood is meticulously selected by a carpenter, before being cut to size and trimmed to give it back its original aspect and colour. With its true nature revealed, it is then laid out, stuck together, and pared down with a chisel, before being handed to the turner.

The walnut selected by Lou de Pray gets its distinctive grain from its native and capricious land, the Ardèche region. Its beauty is also what makes it such a rare wood.

The European ash, “Fraxinus Excelsior”, is known for its flexibility and resistance to splitting, and is thus often used for the creation of tools and their handles. Of a naturally pearly white and pink colour, we use a black alcohol-based stain that beautifully reveals its grain.